By Beth Johnson

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HELLO Leaders!

Since you're here, my guess is you want more.

  • More time, energy, or support.

  • More team motivation and engagement.

  • More progress and less conflict.

  • More personal influence and followership.

I've been there. Multiple times. It wasn't until I got out of my own way (and that of my employees) that I turned things around.

My passion is helping willing leaders like you to do the same.

With my specialized coaching certifications, I can offer a variety of programs, courses, and coaching options.

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PQ or Positive Intelligence

To affect change over our circumstances, level of influence, and followership, we must first change our own thoughts and perceptions.

During this incredibly effective coaching course, you'll learn how to perform in flow,

stay laser-focused, lower your stress, better understand others, and adjust your own reactions and words, in the moment, even in the most difficult situations.

You won't look at yourself, or your problems,

the same way again.

Grow the Leader, Grow the Team

Leadership is influence and leaders are human. Your doubts, fears, and thoughts affect how you lead and how you influence.

Whether it's professional development,

a mindset shift, your untapped potential, your overall well-being, or a combination

of these that you seek, individual coaching is one of the most powerful and

accelerated ways to realize meaningful,

and lasting change.

MOSAIC Leadership

Every action and reaction, spoken or written word, promotion or termination,

assumption and expectation,

and every conflict handled or ignored,

has a direct and often profound

effect on those around you.

Especially your direct reports.

During this group coaching program, we deep dive into the leadership framework to refine, strengthen and develop the critical skills you need to successfully lead and grow enviable, cohesive teams.

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6-month minimum.

Incl. 6 weeks PQ program.

20% off first 3 months

with option to cancel.

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A 6-week program with weekly videos,

daily exercises, and confidential weekly Q&A.

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21-week group coaching.

Incl. 6 weeks PQ program.

15 weeks cohort group.

1:1 support and coaching.

See Anything that Speaks to You?

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“The moment you stop learning

is the moment you

stop leading."

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Thank you

Still have questions?

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