The Coach's Code of Conduct

  • Your Coach will conduct themselves with dignity, honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

  • Anything discussed with your Coach will remain confidential unless the participant gives permission in writing or they are bound by law to divulge.

  • Coaches will not be judgmental or give unwelcome advice.

  • Coaches will be clear about the boundary between coaching and other therapies, such as counseling.

  • Coaches will not recommend a specific therapist unless qualified to do so.

  • Coaches will not give misleading information about any type of therapy or coaching and its benefits.

  • All coaching agreements should be easy to understand, with the expectations of both the Coach and Participant clearly stated.

  • Coaches will not coach minors (under 18) without the parent’s written permission.

  • Coaches will be willing to recommend other coaches if it is more appropriate for the client.

  • Coaches have professional indemnity insurance in force.

  • Whenever possible, coaches are encouraged to raise their coaching profile and correct any misconceptions about what coaching is and isn’t.

  • Coaches will treat all clients in a way that respects people’s differences in relation to physical or mental disability, gender, age, race, religion, politics, and sexual orientation.


Emotional and Intelligence Concept

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