• Listen intently, ask questions, share life experiences, and help you resolve the issues you identify.
  • Believe in you completely. I will know that you can succeed in your goals and aspirations, especially when you are unable to.
  • Stretch and challenge you, always from a supportive position of service.
  • Be warm, laugh with, and travel with you as a partner in your success journey.
  • Help you achieve all that you can be, as you stay true to your own best interests.
  • Guide you through skill and communication-building exercises.
  • Challenge you further and propel you faster than you would normally do so for yourself. When I challenge you to do something extra, you always have the option(s) to:
      • Say, “no”
      • Say, “yes”
      • Offer an alternative suggestion

  • Offer alternative points of view as I detect a shift in your voice or sense a fear that you have not yet recognized.
  • Help you see what you want to see, but not force you to face things you are not ready to look at.
  • Be ready for our scheduled meetings, ready to focus on you, without my circumstances clouding my mind.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality for everything that passes between us.
  • Stand within the Ethics and Standards under which I have been trained and qualified.


  • Be open to new challenges and prepared to stretch yourself to achieve them.
  • Remain open and honest with me and, more importantly, yourself.
  • Trust that you will never be judged on anything you share or say.
  • Complete session preparation sheets, and follow through with any chosen action steps.
  • Arrive on time for each session, limiting or removing all background and digital distractions.
  • Be true to yourself, your principles, and your values.
  • Be prepared to share a laugh or two and let me know if laughing is the last thing you feel like doing on that particular day.
  • Immediately tell me if anything about our coaching relationship troubles you or is not working well.
  • Care for yourself between coaching sessions. The bigger the challenge you undertake, the greater the degree of self-care that will be needed to support your wellness and energy. Self-management is a vital component of emotional intelligence.


Emotional and Intelligence Concept

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Emotional and Intelligence Concept

Deidre Heim Coaching Agreement